The Solution Architecture

Modular, Incremental and Extensible

Modular Architecture

The overall solution is a mix of cloud services and user applications designed to be easily extended and scalable with each organization needs.

Starting from a core knowledge-oriented storage, layers of algorithms and interfaces allow to build business-oriented solutions.

Ready to be used as an out-of-the-box application in a shared cloud infrastructure, it may also be personalized and extended to match specific requirements.

Modular Architecture

  • Knowledge Base - Knowledge is stored accordingly to AI representation theories, in a flexible and structured way that is both easier to explore and allows for the use of automatic reasoning algorithms.
    Data is more than information, is knowledge to be shared and used.

  • Automatic Reasoning - A diverse set of autonomous reasoning components constantly monitor the knowledge base changes and process them.
    New knowledge can be inferred and proactive actions can be performed to respond to the context changes.

  • Distributed & Portable - Subsets of knowledge may be synchronized between independent knowledge bases allowing for distributed knowledge storage and for knowledge portability in lower resources devices.

  • User Friendly - User interaction is simple and effective.
    A natural interaction with the knowledge base, either for storing, searching or exploring.

KBAI ToolKit

Since we wanted it to be a tool that users could understand and use on a daily basis, we worked on tools for editing and browsing the knowledge


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